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Scentsy fragrance is meant to go wherever life takes you. Discover new ways to enjoy the scents you love with our authentic Scentsy products – explore our Warmers, Scentsy Bars (wax bars), Diffusers, Oils, Kids, Laundry, Clean and portable fragrance products.

Discover your perfect sensory retreat and infuse your space with beauty, style and blissful fragrance.

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Scentsy Home Range

Scentsy Warmers

Etched Copper Scentsy Warmer

Scentsy Diffusers

Reflect Scentsy Diffuser

Warmer Accessories

Stencil Cord Concealing Warmer Stand

Combine & Save

Scentsy Warmer and 3 wax bars

Scentsy Scent Range

Scentsy Bars

3 Scentsy Bars

Room Sprays

Scentsy 3 Room Sprays

Scent Paks

Scentsy 3 Scent Paks

Essential Oils

Scentsy Holiday Oil Set

Scent Circles

Scentsy 3 Scent Circles

Scentsy Car Bars

Scentsy 3 Car Bars

Combine & Save

Scentsy 6 Scent Paks

Scentsy Laundry Range

Washer Whiffs

Scentsy 3 Washer Whiffs

Scentsy Soft

Scentsy Ocean Clothing Conditioner

Laundry Liquid

Black Raspberry Vanilla Laundry Liquid

Dryer Disks

Scentsy Coconut Lemongrass Dryer Disks

Scentsy Kids Range

Scentsy Buddies

Farah the Flamingo Scentsy Buddy

Scrubbie Buddies

Halla the Hippo Scrubby Buddy

Scentsy Sidekicks

Eddy the elephant - scentsy sidekick

Bath Smoothies

Wild What-a-Melon Bath Smoothie

Buddy Clips

Scentsy Buddy Clip - Scout the Dragon

Kids Fragrances

Scentsy Wax Bar - Berry Bubble Blue

Scentsy Clean Range

Scentsy Fresh

Scentsy Fresh - Black Raspberry Vanilla

Counter Clean

3 Counter Cleaners

Kitchen Soap

3 Kitchen Soaps

Hand Soap

3 Hand Soaps

Scentsy Skin Range

Rich Body Wash

Scentsy Skin Moisturizing Body Bar no34

Fine Fragrance Rollers

Fine Fragrance Rollers

Velvet Hand Cream

Scentsy Velvet Hand Cream no16

Whipped Body Souffle

Whipped Body Souffle 34

Scentsy Groom Range

Refreshing Face Balm

Refreshing Face Balm 52

Shampoo Shave & Shower Bar

Shampoo, Shave & Shower Bar No. 71

Cream Shave Soap

Cream Shave Soap 93

Nourishing Skin Conditioner

Scentsy Nourishing Skin Conditioner No52