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Welcome to Evanescents.

Warm your heart, enliven your senses and inspire your soul with the wonderment of Scentsy products!

From wax warmers to laundry care to essential oils, Scentsy made it their goal to create beautiful, high quality and most importantly, safe home fragrance products.

We are excited to represent Scentsy Australia and showcase not only beautiful products, but also a unique opportunity for every day people to create something extraordinary with their lives.

What is Scentsy?

Scentsy offers a large range of home and personal products in a variety of fragrances and styles, to suit every taste and décor. The most recognisable products, the decorative Scentsy Warmers and the wax melts, or Scentsy Bars, are a much safer alternative than ordinary wick candles with open flames.

Our wickless candles, or wax melts, are warmed to a low temperature which allows a higher level of fragrance to be used, unlike ordinary candles which burn the wax and release smoke and toxins into the air. This also allows the fragrance to last longer, making it a much more cost effective option.

Would you like a free info pack?

Want to know more? Please contact me for your free info pack; including the latest catalogue, informative brochures and a free sample of our famous Washer Whiffs.

Whether you are thinking of hosting a party to earn yourself some free and half price Scentsy products or joining to become your own boss and live your life the way YOU want – I am here to help you make an informed decision, and offer support every step of the way. Explore the opportunities today!


If you would like any more information on the products or the fantastic opportunities that Scentsy offers, please get in touch.

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