Mulan Collection

The iconic Disney dragon is Mulan’s most-trusted friend, he’s (somewhat) fearless and always good for a laugh. And now this loyal sidekick can be your personal guardian.

The dragon’s in the details on our new Mushu – Scentsy Buddy, from his spiky tail and claws to the scales on his back, shiny gold accents and the notch in his ear.

Every Mushu – Scentsy Buddy comes with a preselected Scent Pak in the fragrance designed just for him — Not Your Everyday Dragon: Feed your guardian spirit with sweet papaya nectar, juicy mango and a delicate touch of red ginger flower. This fragrance is also available separately as a Scent Pak or Scentsy Bar.

  • Mushu – Scentsy Buddy with a Not Your Everyday Dragon – Scent Pak, $59
  • Not Your Everyday Dragon – Scent Pak, $13
  • Not Your Everyday Dragon – Scentsy Bar, $11
Mulan Mushu Scentsy Buddy
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