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Fragrance Flower

Just when you think Scentsy couldn’t get any better, they introduce the Fragrance Flower, a brand-new way to experience your favourite Scentsy fragrance!

A beautiful addition to any workplace or home, the Scentsy Fragrance Flower is handcrafted from all-natural materials to create a stunning rose-like bloom. Each flower is unique, just like those who enjoy them, and comes complete with a glass jar filled with your preferred Scentsy fragrance oil. A decorative silver cap adds the finishing touch.

Place your flower in the glass jar to indulge in its delicate aroma for up to 60-days. No plug, no cables required. This beautiful scented-flower will make an outstanding addition to your nightstand, office desk, windowsill, or side table. The interior design options are endless.

Payment Options
Payment Options
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