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“A” is for Apple Scentsy Bar

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Product Description

A brand-new addition to our fabulously fragrant Scentsy Wax Bars Collection, the “A” is for Apple Scentsy Bar is bursting with crisp fruity freshness. Combining the sweet tartness of green Granny Smith’s apples with just a hint of juiciness from red Macintosh apples, this delightful autumnal fragrance will transform your living space into a fruit filled orchard.

Suitable for use with all Scentsy Warmers, the “A” is for Apple Scentsy Wax Bar is composed of 8 individual cubes of aromatic wax that will infuse your home with a light fruity fragrance for up to 120 hours. Long-lasting and smoke free, Scentsy wax bars make stunning gifts for any special occasion, so why not treat yourself today!

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