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Amazon Rain Dryer Disks


This product is no longer available.

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Product Description

From Scentsy’s best-selling 3-Step Laundry System, Amazon Rain Dryer Disks will infuse your laundry with the exotic aromas of sweet melon, creamy coconut milk, tangy orange zest, and night blooming jasmine flowers.

A fabulous addition to your washday routine, Scentsy Amazon Rain Dryer Disks are supplied in pack of two, and each disk will provide fabulous Scentsy fragrance for up to 15 loads of washing. Simply pop it in your tumble dryer and let it work its magic. Use with the matching Scentsy Amazon Rain Laundry Liquid, Scent Soft fabric softener, and Washer Whiffs for clothes and linens that smell like heaven.

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