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Amazon Rain Washer Whiffs


This product is no longer available.

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Product Description

Infuse your laundry with the inimitable aromas of the Amazon Rainforest with Scentsy Amazon Rain Washer Whiffs. Fragranced-filled granules that you add to your washer for a burst of Scentsy scent, Washer Whiffs will leave your clothes smelling fruity and fresh, your linens like tropical treasures, and your towels fluffy and fragrant.

Just a single scoop of Scentsy Amazon Rain Washer Whiffs will enrich your laundry with sweet notes of melon, zesty orange, floral jasmine, and rich creamy coconut milk to soothe the senses and stimulate the soul. For best results, use with Scentsy Amazon Rain Laundry Liquid for a fragrance filled wash.

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