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Apricot Vanilla Scent Circle


This product is no longer available.

Product Description

From the Scentsy Fruity Collection comes the Apricot Vanilla Scent Circle. A portable fragrance for use on the go, this scented disc can be used anywhere to add a burst of Scentsy freshness where you need it most. Pop it in your gym bag, your laundry basket, your underwear drawer, or your linen cupboard to infuse your towels and sheets with its delicious scent.

With delicate aromas of fresh heirloom peaches, sun-ripened apricots, and homemade vanilla ice cream, the Apricot Vanilla Scent Circle is like an orchard fruit sundae just waiting to delight. Hang it in your car, in your wardrobe, or in your locker for up to 21-days of fruity fragrance.

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