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Berry Bright Scent Pak


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Product Description

A brand-new addition to the Scentsy Unplugged Scent Collection, the Berry Bright Scent Pak is versatile fabric satchel filled with long-lasting fragranced beads. You can use it to bring a touch of Scentsy magic to lingerie drawers, laundry baskets, linen cupboards, and stored suitcases, or to perfume your favourite Scentsy Buddy.

Infused with Berry Bright, a popular Scentsy scent with sweet clementine, blue raspberry, and just a hint of sweet sugar plum, this fruity favourite will appeal to the whole family. Scatter Bright Berry Scent Paks throughout the home to banish unpleasant odours and keep your linens lightly fragranced and beautifully fresh.

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