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Black Panther Scentsy Buddy


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Product Description

Introducing the Black Panther Scentsy Buddy, a powerful and captivating addition to your fragrance collection. Inspired by the iconic Marvel superhero, this limited-edition plush buddy is a must-have for fans and fragrance enthusiasts alike. Crafted with attention to detail, the Black Panther Scentsy Buddy is adorned with the unmistakable Black Panther suit and mask, evoking strength, courage, and style.

But that's not all - inside this charismatic buddy, you'll find a hidden compartment designed to hold a Scentsy Scent Pak, allowing you to infuse your space with your favourite scent. Unleash your inner hero and surround yourself with the invigorating aroma while embracing the essence of Wakanda. Don't miss your chance to own this extraordinary tribute to Black Panther and Scentsy's exceptional craftsmanship.

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