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Black Raspberry Vanilla Dryer Disks


Simply add one of the handy dryer disk to your dryer and it will infuse your clothes with the beautiful scent and it will last for up to 15 loads. Comes in a pack of 2.

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Product Description

For a final fragrance boost, add Scentsy Black Raspberry Vanilla Dryer Disks to your wash day routine. You won’t be disappointed! With sun-sweetened dark berries and warmed vanilla cream, these dryer disks will leave your laundry super-soft, sweetly scented, and superbly static-free.

Pop in your tumble dryer, set it to go, and let Black Raspberry Vanilla Dryer Disks work their magic in the drum. A single disk can fragrance up to fifteen loads, and you get two of them in this great-value pack. Try them with Scentsy Black Raspberry Vanilla Laundry Liquid and Scent Soft – you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them.

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