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Blond Wood & Moonflower Scentsy Bar - BBMB


Pale, warm wood and amber envelop demure moonflower, delicate white roses, and upturned lilies in a modern, magical fragrance.

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Product Description

The BBMB January 2023 winners are out, and we’re delighted to announce that the Blond Wood & Moonflower Scentsy Bar will be available again next year! This enchanting floral fragrance is returning for a limited time, and we cannot wait to revisit its delicate, dreamy scent.

Blond Wood & Moonflower Scentsy Bar is a premium wax melt infused with the aromas of white roses, upturned lilies, demure moonflowers, warm wood, and just a hint of amber. It’s warm and inviting yet subtle enough to use in home and business settings. Try it with your Scentsy Warmer or Mini Warmer, and you’ll understand why Scentsy’s bringing back this bar!

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