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Butter Pecan Sugar Scrub


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Treat your skin this autumn with the brand-new Butter Pecan Sugar Scrub by Scentsy. A skin-tingling body scrub made from the finest natural ingredients including coconut oil, aloe, and shea butter, it nourishes and moisturises from the outside-in to leave your skin beautifully soft and ready for whatever the coming season decides to throw at it.

An indulgent treat for Halloween, the Scentsy Butter Pecan Sugar Scrub will drench your skin with the mouth-watering aromas of candied pecan nuts, smooth maple syrup, and just a hint of melted butter for an extra layer of richness. A great gift for those who adore Scentsy fragrance, this gorgeous body scrub will leave you feeling polished, pampered, and perfectly prepared for the months ahead.

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