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Clothesline Room Spray


Everyone adores the smell of freshly laundered washing that's been drying in the wind on the washing line, as captured here with the Clothesline Room Spray.

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If there is one Scentsy home fragrance that we never tire of, it would have to be Clothesline Room Spray. It’s crisp, fresh, creamy, and flowery, all in one air freshener, and it smells just like freshly washed laundry drying on the washing line on a warm summers day.

With every spritz, you’ll pick up notes of crisp greens, orange flowers, creamy violet, and a hint of white wicker basket. Scentsy Clothesline Room Spray is a breath of fresh air that eliminates unpleasant odours to leave your living space fresh and fragrant. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it!

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