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Clothesline Scentsy Bar


Crisp greens, orange flower, creamy violet and even a hint of white wicker basket will let you savour the scent of just-washed laundry.

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Product Description

Infuse your interiors with the scent of freshly-washed laundry with the Clothesline Scentsy Bar. A popular choice for kitchens, bathrooms and family living spaces, this best-selling wax melt starts with crisp greens and orange flowers and ends with creamy violet and white wicker basket.

It’s so light and refreshing you’ll never tire of Clothesline Scentsy Wax Bar. Add a couple of cubes to your Scentsy Warmer, switch it on, and sit back and relax as it flutters around you, just like washing hanging on the line on a blustery summers day.

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