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Crimson Pohutukawa Scentsy Bar


This product is no longer available.

Product Description

Celebrate the festive season in style with the Crimson Pohutukawa Scentsy Bar. As the stores flood with gingerbread biscuits and sparkling baubles, this homely scent takes you back to festivities surrounded by your loved ones. Large bows, bubbling fizz and hugs all around - that's the scent we're talking about. Here, the blend of luscious apple blossom, ripe raspberries, sharp pink grapefruit and red dahlia blend together to unite everyone together during the festive season.

Made using a high-quality and slow melting paraffin wax, this large bar splits into 8 individual cubes. These can then be used in your Scentsy Warmer to fill each and every room with their inviting scent. Bring a bit of New Zealand Christmas into your home today!

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