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Disney and Pixar Turning Red Scent Pak


This product is no longer available.

Product Description

Immerse yourself in the whimsical world of Disney and Pixar's "Turning Red" with the enchanting Turning Red Scent Pak by Scentsy. Inspired by this heart warming and hilarious animated film, this fragrance captures the essence of transformation, self-discovery, and family bonds. As you indulge in the aroma, vibrant notes of fresh strawberries dance in the air, reflecting the youthful energy and vibrant spirit of the main character. The subtle hints of blooming cherry blossoms add a touch of elegance and grace, mirroring the film's delightful setting.

Let the Turning Red Scent Pak fill your space with delightful fragrances, transporting you to a world where dreams and imagination know no bounds. Whether you're a fan of the film or simply seeking a scent that sparks joy and whimsy, the Turning Red Scent Pak is here to accompany you on a delightful olfactory journey. Embrace the magic and let your senses soar with this captivating fragrance.

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