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Eskimo Kiss Scentsy Bar


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Product Description

Think winter romances with the heart warming scent of the Eskimo Kiss Scentsy Bar. Cuddles around an open fire and warm glasses of mulled wine clinked over dinner - this fragrance brings out the romantic in us all. It blends together the evocative scents of blackberry jam, caramelised brown sugar, vanilla and warm amber for a soft aura of love. Warm just before that special someone pops over, it could be the way into their heart.

This large Scentsy Bar splits into 8 individual cubes for use in any Scentsy Warmer. The high-quality paraffin wax melts gently over time, infusing the entire room with the scent for longer. As snowflakes land on red noses and hearts begin to flutter, fill your home with an aroma that reminds you of your first winter love.

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