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Figgy Pudding Scentsy Bar


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Product Description

Sweet, satisfying and oh-so Christmassy, the Figgy Pudding Scentsy Bar guarantees to get you in the mood for the festive season. With glazed dates, cinnamon coated figs, and just a sprinkling of spice, this delightful home fragrance is suitable for use with all Scentsy Warmers, and a single bar offers up to 160 hours of scent to see you right through until spring.

Safe to use in any room of the home, the Scentsy Figgy Pudding Wax Bar melts gently to release its season-inspired aromas, without the use of candle wicks or open flames. Perfect for cafes, boutique stores, and cosy living spaces, it is fabulously festive and deliciously fragrant.

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