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Go, Go, Mango Room Spray


Juicy mango sliced with melon and berries, garnished with bright hibiscus and sweet banana flower.

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Product Description

Go, Go, Mango remains one of Scentsy’s best-selling scents, and once you have tried Go, Go, Mango Room Spray, you’ll understand why. It’s fabulously fresh, unashamedly floral, and it can transform the most unpleasant spaces into a tropical paradise of fragrance.

With ripe and juicy mango, freshly cut melon, vibrant hibiscus, and sweet banana flowers, Scentsy Go, Go, Mango Room Spray has a deep fruity fragrance that never disappoints. Use it throughout the home, in crowded office spaces, and to brighten hotel room interiors. Ready, steady, go, go, mango!

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