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Go, Go, Mango Scent Pak


Juicy mango sliced with melon and berries, garnished with bright hibiscus and sweet banana flower.

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Product Description

Give your drawers, closets and Scentsy Buddy a fragrance boost with the Go, Go, Mango Scent Pak. It offers up to 30-days of fruity fragrance, and you’ll enjoy the exotic aromas of juicy melon, freshly-sliced mango, sweet banana flower, and flowering hibiscus with every whiff.

Scentsy Scent Paks are fabric satchels filled with delicately fragranced beads. You can use them in the home, office, or even in the car to freshen any small space, and they’re ideal for laundry baskets, stored suitcases, and gym bags. If you are looking for a new fruity scent, treat yourself to a Go, Go, Mango Scent Pak today. It’s mango-licious!

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