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Harvest Hand Soap 3-pack (2023)


This product is no longer available.

Product Description

Transform tired mitts this season with the Scentsy Harvest Hand Soap 3-Pack. Enriched with natural ingredients such as aloe leaf and sunflower oil, Scentsy Hand Soap cleanses with its luxurious lather, nourishes with every wash, and fragrances with seasonal scents to match the rest of your Scentsy Body products.

This tantalising trio includes Autumn Road Trip Scentsy Hand Soap with harvest apple, Anjou pear, and silver oak, and Velvet Moon Scentsy Hand Soap with white musk, vanilla flower, and a silky layer of foggy mist. There is also the brand-new Fall Into Love Scentsy Hand Soap with fresh orange peel, sweet balsam, and cool eucalyptus to leave your hands feeling refreshed, fragrant, and sparkling clean. Go on, treat yourself today!

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