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Harvest Hand Soap 3-Pack 2022


This product is no longer available.

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Product Description

Keep your hands soft, silky, and Scentsy clean with the brand-new Harvest Hand Soap 3-Pack. Released just in time for Halloween 2022, this exclusive package includes three bottles of Scentsy Hand Soap, a luxurious everyday cleanser enriched with all-natural ingredients such as aloe and sunflower oil to pamper your skin from the outside-in.

Of course, no Scentsy soap would be complete without seasonal fragrance. In the Harvest Hand Soap 3-Pack, you get Bright Cider Life Hand Soap scented with pumpkin, red apples and spiced harvest cider. You will also receive Caramel Apple Craze Hand Soap that smells just like Candy Apples with sweet red delicious apples, golden caramel and whipped vanilla. Finally, there’s Appleberry Hand Soap with crimson apples, cranberries and pomegranate. Trick or Treat? It's a treat! So go on, order yours today.

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