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Haunt Warmer Wrap

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The detail draws you in. And the creepy cemetery scape — brought to life with a spooky, moonlit glow — will instill plenty of chills come Halloween night.


Product Description

This Scentsy warmer wrap has a wonderful Halloween inspired design, making it perfect for this spooky holiday. The creepy house on top of the hill is surrounded by gravestones so will fit right in with the rest of your Halloween decorations. Aside from the design, it’s ideal for helping you to create wonderful fragrance within your home.

Simply choose from your favourite Scentsy fragrances and fill you room with delightful scents. Whether you prefer tranquil and calming smells or spicy and fruity fragrances, this Scentsy Warmer Wrap will allow you to have the perfect fragrance to suit you and your home. *sits over the Etched Core or Carrara  warmer*

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