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Hedwig Mini Scentsy Warmer


This product is no longer available.

Product Description

Experience the enchantment of the wizarding world with the Hedwig Scentsy Mini Warmer. This captivating mini warmer showcases the iconic snowy owl, Hedwig, in stunning detail, as she clutches a letter in her beak adorned with the unmistakable Hogwarts seal.

Compact in size, the Hedwig Scentsy Mini Warmer effortlessly fits into any space. From your bedroom to your office, or even a dormitory at Hogwarts, this mini warmer adds a touch of enchantment and wonder wherever it's placed.

Simply plug it in, pop a cube or two of your favourite Scentsy Wax Bar and sit back as the gentle warmth melts the wax, releasing their captivating aromas into the air.

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