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Honeymoon Hideaway Scentsy Bar


Escape to a secluded retreat of dew-kissed lily and tart-sweet kiwi, shaded by lush coconut palm.

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Product Description

When you need to escape, add a cube or two of the Honeymoon Hideaway Scentsy Bar to your Scentsy Warmer or Mini Warmer. It will transport you to a secluded retreat, your private island in the Pacific Ocean, where dew-kissed lilies, tart-sweet kiwis, and lush coconut palms are the order of the day.

The perfect wax melt for office spaces, living rooms, beauty spas, and meditation zones, the Honeymoon Hideaway Scentsy Bar delivers a subtle, soothing scent that you can use in any environment. With eight break-apart cubes in every bar, you’ll never be far away from paradise.

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