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Jade & Jasmine Scentsy Bar


Bright green lemon, alluring blue jasmine with a garnish of rosemary makes the Jade & Jasmine Scentsy Bar a real gem.


Product Description

The Jade & Jasmine Scentsy Bar is a masculine leaning home fragrance that starts citrusy with fresh green lemon, unfolds into blue jasmine, and finishes with a spring of rosemary to calm the body, mind, and soul. It promises to be an all-time summer favourite, and you can get it here today.

You could use the Jade & Jasmine Scentsy Bar with the Scentsy Warmer you already have at home, or you could treat yourself to the new Thyme After Thyme Scentsy Warmer. They pair so well. However you decide to use it, we’re pretty sure you’re going to love this gem of a fragrance. It’s stunning.

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Payment Options
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