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Jammy Time Dryer Disks


Jammy Time dryer disks are so easy to use and will impart beautiful fragrance into you clothes every time you put them in your dryer.

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Product Description

Pull fresh, fragrant clothes out of the dryer every time with Scentsy Jammy Time Dryer Disks. A fabulous addition to your wash day routine, these reusable fresheners are an eco-friendly alternative to throw-away dryer sheets, and a single dryer disk will fragrance up to fifteen loads.

Scented with Jammy Time, Scentsy’s best-selling fragrance with baby freesia, smooth lavender, and sweet pea, Jammy Time Dryer Disks will leave your clothes, towels, and linens smelling dreamy. They can help remove static too, so why not take them for a spin in your tumble dryer today.

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