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Magnolia Linen Laundry Liquid


This product is no longer available.

Product Description

There is nothing better than pulling on clean, fresh, fragranced clothes and, with Magnolia Linen Laundry Liquid, you can do that every day! This high-performance washing liquid will infuse all your laundry with gorgeous Scentsy fragrance while removing difficult stains and lifting unpleasant odours.

Scentsy Magnolia Linen Laundry Liquid boasts a powerful 6-enzyme formula that attacks dirt and grime to leave your clothes and towels sparkling clean. Of course, being part of Scentsy’s Laundry Collection, it smells simply divine! You’ll get whiffs of sun-washed linens, sweet honeysuckle and fragrant magnolia with every wash. One bottle will scent up to 50 medium loads.

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