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Palette Scentsy Warmer


This product is no longer available.

SKU: 69684 Category: Tags: , , Bulb Type: 25w

Product Description

If you love a bit of sparkle, you are going to adore the brand-new Palette Scentsy Warmer. Handcrafted in frosted, iridescent glass, it features a unique grooved design that creates an ombre effect when illuminated and a 25W bulb to gently heat your favourite Scentsy wax melt without soot or smoke.

A stylish addition to office spaces, family living rooms, contemporary apartments, and professional environments, Scentsy's Palette Warmer will bring warmth, shimmer, and gorgeous fragrance into any room. Try it with the new Pomegranate Prosecco Scentsy Bar – you can thank us later!

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