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Pineapple Pucker Scent Circle


Tantalisingly tropical and sumptuously sweet, this Pineapple Pucker Scent Circle can be used anywhere. Treat yourself and enjoy some magic on the go.

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Product Description

Treat yourself to the Pineapple Pucker Scent Circle and enjoy a little bit of Scentsy magic on the go. Tantalisingly tropical and sumptuously sweet, this little disc of magic can be used anywhere in the workplace, car, or home to fill your world with the unmistakable aroma of freshly sliced pineapple.

Each Scentsy Pineapple Pucker Scent Circle is beautifully patterned, equipped with a hanger for attachment to mirrors and rails, and designed to deliver up to 21-days of fruity freshness. Add to your lingerie drawer, laundry basket, linen closet, or even your gym bag, and pucker up for some pineapple fun!

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