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Pumbaa Scentsy Buddy


This product is no longer available.

Product Description

Introducing the lovable Pumbaa Scentsy Buddy! Inspired by the beloved character from Disney's The Lion King, Pumbaa is here to bring joy and laughter to your life.

With his endearing smile and soft, cuddly body, Pumbaa is the perfect companion for Disney fans of all ages. This Scentsy Buddy comes with a pocket where you can insert your favourite Scentsy Scent Pak, filling the air with delightful fragrance.

Pumbaa's carefree and jovial nature will warm your heart and remind you of the importance of friendship and hakuna matata. Whether you're cuddling up for a movie night or embarking on your own wild adventures, Pumbaa will be there to share in the fun.

Embrace the spirit of adventure and let Pumbaa bring his charm and happiness into your home. With the Pumbaa Scentsy Buddy by your side, every day will be filled with smiles and laughter. It's time to add a touch of The Lion King's magic to your life!

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