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Quiver Scentsy Bar


This product is no longer available.

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Product Description

Goosebumps along the skin and a heart fluttering - the signs of undeniable romance comes to you in the Quiver Scentsy Bar. A unique combination of vanilla flowers, warming sandalwood and sultry night-blooming tuberose merge to create a deep heady fragrance. The high-quality paraffin wax melts slowly and releases its scent all day long.

It floods the entire room - perfect for romantic dinners, cosy snuggles by the fire or just loving evenings. The large bar can be split into 8 cubes that melt easily within any of our Scentsy Warmers. Seductively warm this fragrance and you'll be delivered to a place of love, romance and seductive notions. Spend an evening with the one you love most in this dangerously sexy aroma.

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