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Silver Bells Scentsy Bar


Imagine the most perfect of Holiday seasons, with Mint Candy Canes on the tree, succulent Winter Pears in the fruit bowl, and Caramel and Vanilla Sugar warming in a pan.

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Product Description

Hear the bells and embrace the festivities with the Silver Bells Scentsy Bar. Combining everything you love most about this season from the frosty snow through to sugar-sweet treats, this fragrance evokes the warmest of memories. A blend of mint candy canes, winter pears, luscious caramel and vanilla sugar offers a delightfully sweet and sumptuous treat. Perfect for the big day itself or the anticipated lead-up, this high-quality paraffin wax bar splits into 8 cubes and melts slowly in any Scentsy Warmer.

It flushes your entire home with a scent that brings the entire family together and reminds them of the true meaning of this celebration. Set the bells ringing in seconds from the moment you pop a cube of this aromatic wax in to melt.

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