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Silversmith Scentsy Warmer


This product is no longer available.

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Product Description

Introducing the brand-new Silversmith Scentsy Warmer. An element wax warmer for the workplace and home, it is handcrafted in the finest quality ceramics, beautifully presented with a hammered design, and finished in a sophisticated shade of silver to complement all interiors.

Cool, classic, and contemporary in design, the Silversmith Scentsy Warmer will make a standout addition to desktops, bookcases, windowsills, and bedside tables. Equipped with an element heater to melt your favourite Scentsy Wax Bar without soot or smoke, it is safer than scented candles, and much more stylish than your everyday wax heater. We think this warmer is going to be big this year, what about you?

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