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Stevie the Shark Buddy Clip + By the Sea


This product is no longer available.

Product Description

Introducing Stevie the Shark Buddy Clip, a brand-new addition to our Scentsy Kids Collection. Cute, fuzzy, and bursting with Scentsy freshness, this adorable buddy clip is filled with scented beads (By the Sea fragrance) and equipped with a lobster clasp fastener to facilitate attachment to backpacks, school bags, and nappy bags. (By the Sea fragrance.)


Species: Shark Favorite hangout: The ocean

Favorite activities: Fishing

Favorite book: Hark, a Shark!

Favorite movie: Shark Tale

Favorite song: Shark in the Water

Favorite sports team: San Jose Sharks

Food I crave: Seafood

Fun fact: Sharks don’t have any bones in their body.

Ambition: Keep our oceans clean.

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