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Sunkissed Citrus Scent Pak


With its lively concoction of juicy oranges, zesty lemons, cool limes and grapefruit, the Sunkissed Citrus Scent Pak would make a fantastic addition to any household.

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Product Description

For those who adore bright, fruity fragrances, Scentsy Sunkissed Citrus Scent Pak is a perfect choice. With its lively blend of tangy grapefruit, zesty lemons, juicy oranges, and tart limes, it promises to transform any small space into a citrus orchard.

The beauty of Scentsy Scent Paks is that you can use them anywhere. You can hang them in your closets, toss them in your linen drawers, pop them in your gym bag, stash them in your office, or use them to fragrance your Scentsy Buddy. Each Sunkissed Citrus Scent Pak offers 30-days of Scentsy scent and promises to keep your world fruity fresh for at least a month.

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