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The Mandalorian Scentsy Buddy


This product is no longer available.

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Product Description

Prepare for an intergalactic adventure with The Mandalorian Scentsy Buddy. Designed to look like the Star Wars bounty hunter we all know and love, this adorable soft toy is ready for battle with a full suit of armour, bandolier, and cape. He’s carrying a backpack for the safe storage of his Air of Adventure Scent Pak, and of course, he’s wearing a helmet and boots.

The Mandalorian Scentsy Buddy is a collector’s item and the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan. He smells divine with superhero-inspired Scentsy fragrance, and you can switch out his Scent Pak to refresh him after a long battle. It won’t be long until he returns to the front line, so grab this mighty warrior today!

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