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Thor’s Hammer Scentsy Warmer


This product is no longer available.

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Product Description

Unleash the power of Thor with the Thor's Hammer Scentsy Warmer. This unique and striking warmer is inspired by the mighty hammer wielded by the God of Thunder himself. Featuring intricate details and a powerful design, it pays homage to the iconic weapon from the Marvel Universe. The Thor's Hammer Scentsy Warmer is adorned with cracks in the stone that light up, resembling lightning bolts, adding an electrifying touch to your space.

Simply add your favourite Scentsy Bar to the warmer, and as the fragrance fills the air, you'll feel the might and energy of Thor coursing through your surroundings. Embrace the heroism and strength of Thor with this Scentsy Warmer, where the power of lightning meets captivating fragrance.

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