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Tilly the Toadstool Buddy Clip


This product is no longer available.

Product Description

Infused with Scentsy’s Simply the Zest scent, Tilly the Toadstool Buddy Clip is a portable fragrance system for your everyday adventures. Available for a limited time as part of Scentsy’s Valentine’s Day 2024 Collection, Tilly would make a perfect gift for kids. She has a large clip for attachment to school bags and backpacks, a bright red cap covered in love hearts, and the cutest smile we’ve ever seen.

Scented with sandalwood, lush greens, and tropical fruits to stimulate all the senses, Tilly the Toadstool Buddy Clip will fragrance your world for up to 30 days. Treat someone you love to this magical mushroom this Valentine’s Day, and who knows, you may receive one back!

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