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Tricks & Treats Scentsy Warmer


This product is no longer available.

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Product Description

Bring your own Halloween legend to life with this do-it-yourself Warmer and a set of permanent coloured markers.

Pumpkins and cats feature highly over the Halloween period and the same can be said for this Scentsy Warmer. This great design features everything you could expect from Halloween, making it perfect to decorate your home throughout October. Just grab some Permanent markers and make this warmer uniquely you!

Chose your favourite Scentsy fragrance and apply it to this warmer, then enjoy a home filled with fruity, spicy, tranquil or calming scents, day after day. This Tricks and Treats Scentsy warmer gives off a warm glow and creates the perfect environment for this spooky time of year! It’s ideal for telling the odd ghost story around or for simply placing on your mantelpiece.

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