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Vanilla Bean Buttercream Room Spray


Decadent buttercream frosting made with the freshest butter whipped with cane sugar and vanilla extract. So creamy and sweet you will have to lick the spoon!

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Product Description

Smooth, creamy, and oh-so-moreish, Scentsy Vanilla Bean Buttercream Room Spray is an air freshener quite unlike any other. With every spritz, you’ll float away on a cloud of decadent buttercream frosting, made with real butter, of course, a sprinkling of cane sugar, and just a hint of vanilla extract for a dreamy finish.

You can use Vanilla Bean Buttercream Scentsy Room Spray in the home, at work or in hotel rooms to disguise unpleasant odours. It’s every day any occasion home fragrance that delivers best-selling Scentsy scent with every single spray. All the deliciousness of cupcakes – not a single calorie!

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