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Vanilla Bean Buttercream Scent Circle


Decadent buttercream frosting made with the freshest butter whipped with cane sugar and vanilla extract. So creamy and sweet you will have to lick the spoon!

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Product Description

If you are looking for a sweet, creamy Scentsy fragrance to add to your growing collection, give the Vanilla Bean Buttercream Scent Circle a go. It smells just like buttercream frosting, with vanilla extract, whipped butter, and a sprinkling of cane sugar.

Perfect for hanging, every Vanilla Bean Buttercream Scent Circle comes with an elastic string for attachment. You can hang it on your rear-view mirror, on coat hangers in your closet, on your linen basket, or anywhere where you need a burst of Scentsy fragrance. Each Scent Circle lasts for up to 30-days.

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