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Vanilla Oud Scentsy Bar - BBMB


This product is no longer available.

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Product Description

Rich, warm, and beautifully blended, the Vanilla Oud Scentsy Bar combines the subtle earthy aromas of leather and oud wood with the inimitable sweetness of vanilla to create an unforgettable home fragrance for the bedroom, the bathroom, and beyond.

A brand-new addition to our best-selling Scentsy Collection, the Vanilla Oud Wax Bar is made up of 8 individual cubes, which you simply melt in your Scentsy Warmer to release the sweet-smelling aromas. Each bar offers up to 160 hours of fragranced air freshness to lift your mood, conceal unpleasant odours, and transform your living space with three delightful scents of nature.

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