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Watermelon Tangerine Hand Soap


This product is no longer available.

Product Description

If the endless washing and sanitising has left your hands looking less than their best, Scentsy’s brand-new Watermelon Tangerine Hand Soap can help. Recently added to the 2021 Scentsy Body Collection, this delicately scented hand soap helps restore moisture levels with natural ingredients such as aloe and sunflower oil.

A single drop of Scentsy Watermelon Tangerine Hand Soap creates a rich, cleansing lather that removes dirt, bacteria, and grease to leave your hands feeling squeaky clean. Fragrance notes include sweet watermelon, juicy tangerine, and dewy green – blended seamlessly into the most exquisite fruity scent.

This is the old small bottle, that has been replaced by a larger 325ml bottle.

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