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A day in the life of a Scentsy Consultant

Posted on April 30, 2017 by Jo Andreacchio

A frequently asked question I get from prospective team members is: What exactly does a Scentsy Consultant do all day?

While it's a valid question, I can assure you that there really isn't a typical day in the life of a consultant. People either have high - or super low - expectations of what it means to work from home and the real answer is: it's a daily balancing act that requires discipline and flexibility.

So I've decided to give you a sneak peek into the life of an Independent Scentsy Director. Now obviously, my day may look slightly different as I have leadership responsibilities however other than that, this itinerary is generally a good indication of my day to day business.

6.30-8AM: Wake Up, Coffee and Check In

morning coffeeWhile I don't set an alarm, the beginning of my day looks similar to many others. As the company who I have partnered with is American, we work on US time so I check my phone first thing to ensure there isn't anything pressing (overnight new stock release, pertinent business information) that needs my attention and check in with my team space.

Get up, have a shower and get dressed (I won't lie, there are days where I work in my PJ's) and begin the day feeding our furbabies, having breakfast and if he's on late work starts, spend a bit of time checking in with hubby over a coffee. Personally, I find it's vitally important to my mental and physical health to begin a day that is paced and not rushed as well as connecting with the people/things that are most important to me. This keeps me grounded.

I'm very much a person who loves order and being a minimalist, no clutter. Before my work day begins, I'll tidy up the house, make the bed, throw on a load of washing and contemplate dinner requirements.

9AM: Day plan!

Office time! For those not in the know, I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well as Fibromyalgia so time management and task prioritising is crucial - fatigue is a huge challenge so income producing activities are integral in the first half of my day.

I'll go through my emails, prioritise anything pressing and work out what I want to accomplish on that day. Income producing activities come first - checking in with party hosts and prospective team members, client follow up, booking in events, booking parties and fueling interaction within my Facebook VIP group.

10AM: Grind and Hustle

Check in with my Facebook team space, answer any private messages from team and work on income producing activities.
This work can be both pro-active and reactive so flexibility is required - I may get a phone call from a prospective host or team member while simultaneously FB chatting to a team member. I like to book in definitive time slots where I can however that isn't always possible. Be open to quick changes.

Now some of what I do here may not take place in my office. If I have an appointment or a delivery, I work from my phone. Just because I'm out and about, doesn't mean I'm not on the clock - great thing about technology is that you can take your business anywhere with you.
And a current theme through every day is of course, building relationships and networking wherever possible.

11AM: Meetings and Social Media

Red Carpet VIPOne of the areas of my business I'm seeking to improve is social media management. My brand Evanescents is on most forms of social media so I look at ways of improving engagement which includes writing and scheduling social media posts.
Evanescents has a Facebook VIP group (you can request to join here) that requires consistent interaction and I spend time working on what I'll post and offer within this space.

I'll often also spend time checking in with team members during the morning and work on coaching and mentoring. Running reports, Zoom meetings, conversations are all part of my day as a leader which I take seriously.

1PM: Food and Decompress

Lunch time! I'll often make lunch and watch TV or go out for lunch to give myself down time and space. Self care is important! Give yourself the time to decompress and regroup!

2PM: Errands, Appointments and Life

One of the many reasons that I love working from home is that I can take time away as I need to. Errands, appointments, washing.. all the normal day to day stuff still happens whether you work a traditional job or if you work from home. The difference is, I can schedule in time to do these things in with my business requirements. While not always possible, I like to book in appts and Scentsy deliveries either early morning around 9am or after 1pm - I can maximise the time that isn't heavily affected by fatigue.

Dr Mario - Modern ChiropracticEvery fortnight at 2pm, I have an appointment with my chiropractor, Dr Mario Ferraro at Modern Chiropractic (seriously, the man is a magician) as part of my self care so that I can continue to work around chronic illness. Medical, hair, nails - all those appointments and errands get worked in around my business. Now I have a house cleaner (thanks Bree!) as I'd prefer to spend time on my business, however the washing won't do itself so I like to throw a load on during the day and get it hung out.

Still on the hustle! Mentoring is a daily, sometimes all-day occurrence that can be worked in with any busy schedule, thanks to my trusty smart phone. I can be on a call, listening to a webinar, doing some personal development all while networking, hanging out washing or cooking dinner.

5PM: Clock Off Time

You're probably thinking 'Cool, knock off time!' and in essence, that is true. Creating boundaries is important and therefore I set business hours for my Scentsy team. Technology has made it so that we are contactable virtually all the time and therefore, I continue to answer clients until around 9pm. People love Scentsy!
Personal development sometimes means evening webinars and sessions and never one to shy away from acquiring knowledge, I take time to dedicate to my own learning and that occasionally means working at night.

Generally though, after 5pm you'll find me cooking dinner, spending time with my pets, going for a walk or connecting with my husband after clock off. After all, this is why we do what we do: better work/life balance!
Now, not all of my days look like this yet with every business, you get out what you put in. Working from home gives me the flexibility to take a day off if I choose, work less if I'm not feeling up to par or if life throws us lemons. Whether your day looks like mine or completely different, you can work your Scentsy business however you want.

Does this work day sound appealing? Get in touch here and let's chat about beginning your own Scentsy business!

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