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May 24, 2022
Fragrance Flowers

All of your power outlets already occupied? Don’t have a power point available at all? Have a small space that could do with a boost whilst also appear unassuming and beautiful? Enter Scentsy’s Fragrance Flowers! Scentsy has debuted a fragrance system that allows you to effortlessly and continuously fragrance a space whilst eliminating the need […]

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February 12, 2020
Paypal is now available with Scentsy Australia

If I had a dollar for every time I was asked 'Does Scentsy Australia accept Paypal?', well I'd be a rich woman indeed. But if I'm getting asked so often, that means that our customers really want a different way to get their hands on their Scentsy products right? And if it's being requested so […]

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October 21, 2017
Does Scentsy Offer Afterpay?

I love Afterpay! I can buy all the things I want now and pay for them with weekly instalments over 4 weeks. No interest. No hassle. No worries. What's not to love, right? Afterpay offers a convenient way to shop online and Australia is LOVING it. So much so, that many congolmerates are getting aboard […]

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April 30, 2017
A day in the life of a Scentsy Consultant

A frequently asked question I get from prospective team members is: What exactly does a Scentsy Consultant do all day? While it's a valid question, I can assure you that there really isn't a typical day in the life of a consultant. People either have high - or super low - expectations of what it […]

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October 1, 2016
9 Fragrances That Can Do Wonders For Your Wellbeing

To most people, a smell isn't just a fragrance - it's a memory. When you get a whiff of chocolate cake, you may think of baking in your Mum's kitchen. When a warm breeze blows the smell of fresh flowers, you're instantly rocketed back to your BBQ's in your grandparents backyard during summer.

And these nostalgic ties aren't just a coincidence - there's science behind why we cherish these aromas.

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April 7, 2016
Scentsy Can Change Your Life

About Scentsy The olfactory system is one of the most powerful senses in the human body. Scents can take you back to a loved childhood memory and transform your mood and here at Scentsy, we understand that it’s not just about filling your room with incredible fragrances. Our range of aromas has been inspired by

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March 7, 2016
The Power of Fragrance

Jasmine has always been one of my absolute favourite fragrances. I adore the heady scent in spring/summer as it comes into flower and there are many happy moments attached to this fragrance. It signals the beginning of summer, it reminds me of sunshine and I reminisce about BBQ's with family at my grandparents house. I can […]

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November 1, 2015
2015 Gingerbread House - Limited Edition Scentsy Warmer

Every holiday display needs a jolly gingerbread house! This is a numbered, limited edition warmer - complete with a Gingerbread Man ornament. Featuring candy cane columns and fluffy frosting snow, this charming Scentsy warmer is perfect for the Christmas lover, and can be used year after year. **this Scentsy Warmer sold out in record time!! […]

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