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Does Scentsy Offer Afterpay?

Posted on October 21, 2017 by Jo Andreacchio

I love Afterpay! I can buy all the things I want now and pay for them with weekly instalments over 4 weeks. No interest. No hassle. No worries. What's not to love, right?

Afterpay offers a convenient way to shop online and Australia is LOVING it. So much so, that many congolmerates are getting aboard the Afterpay train to keep up with customer shopping trends.

So why doesn't Scentsy offer Afterpay?

Well, many people don't realise that Afterpay is an Australian born company and only available in Australia and New Zealand currently.

Scentsy is an international company, based in the US and open for trading in many countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, United Kingdom, France, Spain and Mexico to name a few. Being based in the US, Afterpay is not available as a payment method to any of the above countries other than Australia and New Zealand.

One of the values I love about Scentsy is fairness and ensuring that all consultants have a level, fair playing field. Offering it here while not being able to offer it anywhere else in the world would give us Aussies and Kiwis an advantage over others.

So for now it is not available as a payment option. But as Afterpay grows and moves into more and more countries, who knows what the future may hold. Watch this space!

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Payment Options
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