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Scentsy Buddy - Sia the Snail

Posted on March 9, 2018 by Jo Andreacchio

Sia the Snail Scentsy BuddyComing to a garden near you... slowly!

You won't feel sluggish with Sia the Snail around, with her bright green shell and tentacle eyes - all the better to see you with.

What's the rush? Well, Sia is only available while supplies last, then she’ll pack up her shell to find a new garden and a new limited-edition Scentsy Buddy will take her place.

Every Scentsy Buddy features a zippered pouch to hold your favourite fragrance. Sia is $51 AUD and comes with a Scent Pak of your choice. Make sure to get her while you can. Once sold out, a new Scentsy Buddy will take her place.

Sia is no longer available. Please see our current range of Scentsy buddies.

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Payment Options
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