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Can I use Scentsy wax in my oil burner?

Posted on July 20, 2019 by Jo Andreacchio

A question I hear frequently and my answer is always the same: Not on your life, Jack! And here's why!

Back in the day, in the infancy of my consultancy, I said to my husband Rob, that Scentsy wax is made specifically to go with Scentsy warmers. Our warmers and wax are synergistic - they work together to create the best experience. This is true of any of our fragrance delivery systems.

On hearing this, hubby decided to test the theory and promptly popped a cube of Scentsy wax into an oil burner, sliding a lit tealight candle underneath. For the first 10 minutes, nothing seemed amiss with the wax melting slowly down into the glass bowl above the tealight and he noticed the first wafts of fragrance swirl into the air. Perfect!

As minutes ticked by, we noticed that the wax began to bubble as the heat from the tealight began to build. What happened next really surprised both of us (and scared me a little, if I'm honest). smoke from oil burnerThe wax began to burn! The immense heat began to burn the wax and it began to smoke, an acrid burnt smell emanating from the oil burner - Rob quickly blew out the flame! Within 30 minutes, the wax was smoky, burnt and no fragrance remained. No doubt, this could be a potential fire hazard. Yikes!

Our wax simply does not require super hot temperatures to release their fragrance. If anything, the opposite is true. Scentsy wax begins to melt at around 32 degrees Celcius and considering a candle flame can have temperatures upwards of 230 degrees, it makes sense as to why our wax does not perform optimally (if at all) in an oil burner and how dangerous it can be.

If anything else, you are wasting your hard earned dollars by not giving yourself the best Scentsy experience. Our wax is designed to give you the ultimate fragrance experience, make sure you get that experience by teaming our wax with a Scentsy warmer or mini-warmer!

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